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Compatible HP Printer AC Adapter 32V 940mA 16V 625mA

  • Product Number: 72-11014-301
  • Weight: 1.17lbs
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  • Package Dimensions (LWH): 210.0 x 85.0 x 40.0(mm)
  • Unit Price for Buying 1-9:  US$8.10
  • Unit Price for Buying 10+:  US$7.80
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Features of Compatible HP Printer AC Adapter 32V 940mA 16V 625mA


Replacement AC Adapter for HP Printer (32V DC 940mA 16V DC 625mA)

Input: 100-240VAC (0.95A)   47-63HZ
Output: 32V DC 940mA 
            16V DC 625mA

Out Power(MAX): 40W
Outlet: 3-prong

Pls notice that the connector’s color only has black and its key is on the right side.

Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
Full 12 months warranty!!

Compatible Part Number

HP 0950-4466
HP 0957-2094

Fit Printer Model

HP PSC Series Printers:

1300 All-in-One Q3501AR
1311 All-in-One Q5768A, Q5768AR
1312 All-in-One Q5769A
1315 Service Engine Q5763A, All-in-One Q5765A, Q5765AR, Q5765P, (Japan) Q5771A
1315s All-in-One Q7285A
1315xi All-in-One Q5766A
1315v All-in-One Q5767A
1317 All-in-One Q5770A
1318 All-in-One Q5772A
1340 All-in-One Q3492A
1345 All-in-One Q3493A
1350 All-in-One (Japan) Q3495A, Q3500A, Q3501A, Q3501AL, Q3501P, (Japan) Q5534A
1350xi All-in-One Q3502A
1350v All-in-One Q3503A
1355 All-in-One (Europe) Q5532A
1401 All-in-One Q7299A , Full Pallet Custom Shipper Y1457A
1402 All-in-One Q7293A, Q7293AR, Q8252A, Q8252AR
1406 All-in-One Q7297A
1408 All-in-One Q7296A
1410 All-in-One Printer Engine Q7288A, Q7290A, Q7290AR
1410xi All-in-One Q7291A
1410v All-in-One Q7292A
1415 All-in-One Q7298A
1417 All-in-One Q7295A
1507 All-In-One Q5883A, Q5883AR
1507 All-in-One Q5883B
1508 All-in-One Q5880D
1510 All-in-One Q5880A, Q5880AR, Q5880B, Q5880P, Q5886C,  Q5888A
1510xi All-In-One Q5881A
1510v All-In-One Q5882A
1510s All-in-One Q5887B
1513 All-In-One Q5880C
1513s All-in-One Q5887C
1603 All-in-One Q5590C
1600 All-in-One Q5590A, Q5590AR, Q5590B
1610 All-in-One (North America and AP only) Q5587A, Q5587AR,  (Europe) Q5587B, (Japan only) Q5593C
1610xi All-in-One (North America) Q5588A
1610V All-in-One (North America) Q5589A
1618 All-in-One (China and India only) Q5598D
2310 All-in-One (AP and Japan Only) Q3077A, Q3077AR
2410 PhotoSmart All-in-One Q3087A
2410xi PhotoSmart All-in-One Q3088A
2410v Photosmart All-in-One Q3089A
2450 PhotoSmart All-in-One (Japan) Q3090A
2510 PhotoSmart All-in-One Q3094A, Q3094AR
2510xi Photosmart All-in-One Q3095A

HP PhotoSmart 7900 Series Printers:
7960 Printer Q3020A, Q3020AR
7960v Printer Q3021A
7960w Printer Q3022A
7960 Printer Q3023A, Q3024A

HP OfficeJet Series Printers:

5510 All-in-One Q3434A, Q3435A, Q3435AR, Q3435P
5510xi All-in-One Q3436A
5510v All-in-One Q3437A
5505 All-in-One Q3438A
5515 All-in-One Q3440A

HP Deskjet Series Printers:
460 Mobile Printer C8150A, C8150A201, C8150AR, C8151A, C8151AR, C8152A, C8152AR, C8153A, C8153AR



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