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Replacement IBM Thinkpad T60 Laptop Battery 9-cells

  • Product Number: 90-13009-014
  • Weight: 1.27lbs
  • 0 units in Stock
  • Package Dimensions (LWH): 240.0 x 83.0 x 47.0(mm)
  • Unit Price for Buying 1-4:  US$28.95
  • Unit Price for Buying 5+:  US$27.30
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Features of Replacement IBM Thinkpad T60 Laptop Battery 9-cells

Replacement IBM Thinkpad T60 Series Laptop Battery

Cell Type: Li-ion, 9 Cells
Capacity: 6600mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
Color: black

UL certificated cells inside!
Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!

Notice:It does not work with 42V9339 SBB and 41U3197 7-CELL LI-ION BATERRY if you would like to use docking station.


Compatible Part Number

IBM: 40Y6799 , ASM 92P1138 , ASM 92P1140 , FRU 42T4504 , FRU 42T4513 , FRU 42T5233 , FRU 92P1137 , FRU 92P1139 , FRU 92P1141


Fit Laptop Model of IBM Thinkpad T60 Laptop Battery 9-cells

ThinkPad R60 0656,ThinkPad R60 0657,ThinkPad R60 0658,ThinkPad R60 0659
ThinkPad R60 9444,ThinkPad R60 9445,ThinkPad R60 9446,ThinkPad R60 9447
ThinkPad R60 9455,ThinkPad R60 9456,ThinkPad R60 9457,ThinkPad R60 9458
ThinkPad R60 9459,ThinkPad R60 9460,ThinkPad R60 9461,ThinkPad R60 9462
ThinkPad R60 9463,ThinkPad R60 9464,ThinkPad R60e 0656,ThinkPad R60e 0657
ThinkPad R60e 0658,ThinkPad R60e 0659,ThinkPad R60e 9444,ThinkPad R60e 9445
ThinkPad R60e 9446,ThinkPad R60e 9447,ThinkPad R60e 9455,ThinkPad R60e 9456
ThinkPad R60e 9457,ThinkPad R60e 9458,ThinkPad R60e 9459,ThinkPad R60e 9460
ThinkPad R60e 9461,ThinkPad R60e 9462,ThinkPad R60e 9463,ThinkPad R60e 9464
ThinkPad R60e Series,ThinkPad R60 Series,ThinkPad R61 7642,ThinkPad R61 7643
ThinkPad R61 7644,ThinkPad R61 7645,ThinkPad R61 7646,ThinkPad R61 7647
ThinkPad R61 7648,ThinkPad R61 7649,ThinkPad R61 7650,ThinkPad R61 7657
ThinkPad R61 8919,ThinkPad R61 8920,ThinkPad R61 8927,ThinkPad R61 8928
ThinkPad R61 8929,ThinkPad R61 8930,ThinkPad R61 8933,ThinkPad R61 8934
ThinkPad R61 8935,ThinkPad R61 8936,ThinkPad R61 8937,ThinkPad R61 8944
ThinkPad R61 8945,ThinkPad R61 8947,ThinkPad R61 8948,ThinkPad R61 8949
ThinkPad R61e 7642,ThinkPad R61e 7643,ThinkPad R61e 7644,ThinkPad R61e 7645
ThinkPad R61e 7646,ThinkPad R61e 7647,ThinkPad R61e 7648,ThinkPad R61e 7657
ThinkPad R61e 8914,ThinkPad R61e 8918,ThinkPad R61e 8919,ThinkPad R61e 8920
ThinkPad R61e 8927,ThinkPad R61e 8928,ThinkPad R61e 8929,ThinkPad R61e 8930
ThinkPad R61e 8932,ThinkPad R61e 8933,ThinkPad R61e 8934,ThinkPad R61e 8935
ThinkPad R61e 8936,ThinkPad R61e 8937,ThinkPad R61i 7642,ThinkPad R61i 7643
ThinkPad R61i 7644,ThinkPad R61i 7645,ThinkPad R61i 7646,ThinkPad R61i 7647
ThinkPad R61i 7648,ThinkPad R61i 7649,ThinkPad R61i 7657,ThinkPad R61i 8914
ThinkPad R61i 8919,ThinkPad R61i 8920,ThinkPad R61i 8927,ThinkPad R61i 8928
ThinkPad R61i 8929,ThinkPad R61i 8930,ThinkPad R61i 8933,ThinkPad R61i 8934
ThinkPad R61i 8935,ThinkPad R61i 8936,ThinkPad R61i 8937,ThinkPad T60 1951
ThinkPad T60 1952,ThinkPad T60 1953,ThinkPad T60 1954,ThinkPad T60 1955
ThinkPad T60 1956,ThinkPad T60 2007,ThinkPad T60 2008,ThinkPad T60 2009
ThinkPad T60 2613,ThinkPad T60 2623,ThinkPad T60 2637,ThinkPad T60 6369
ThinkPad T60 6371,ThinkPad T60 6372,ThinkPad T60 6373,ThinkPad T60 6374
ThinkPad T60 6457,ThinkPad T60 6458,ThinkPad T60 6459,ThinkPad T60 6460
ThinkPad T60 6461,ThinkPad T60 6462,ThinkPad T60 6463,ThinkPad T60 6465
ThinkPad T60 6466,ThinkPad T60 6467,ThinkPad T60 6468,ThinkPad T60 6469
ThinkPad T60 6470,ThinkPad T60 6471,ThinkPad T60 8741,ThinkPad T60 8742
ThinkPad T60 8743,ThinkPad T60 8744,ThinkPad T60 8745,ThinkPad T60 8746
ThinkPad T60p 1951,ThinkPad T60p 1952,ThinkPad T60p 1953,ThinkPad T60p 1954
ThinkPad T60p 1955,ThinkPad T60p 1956,ThinkPad T60p 2007,ThinkPad T60p 2008
ThinkPad T60p 2009,ThinkPad T60p 2613,ThinkPad T60p 2623,ThinkPad T60p 2637
ThinkPad T60p 6369,ThinkPad T60p 6370,ThinkPad T60p 6371,ThinkPad T60p 6372
ThinkPad T60p 6373,ThinkPad T60p 6374,ThinkPad T60p 6457,ThinkPad T60p 6458
ThinkPad T60p 6459,ThinkPad T60p 6460,ThinkPad T60p 6461,ThinkPad T60p 6462
ThinkPad T60p 6463,ThinkPad T60p 6465,ThinkPad T60p 6466,ThinkPad T60p 6467
ThinkPad T60p 6468,ThinkPad T60p 6469,ThinkPad T60p 6470,ThinkPad T60p 6471
ThinkPad T60p 8741,ThinkPad T60p 8742,ThinkPad T60p 8743,ThinkPad T60p 8744
ThinkPad T60p 8745,ThinkPad T60p 8746,ThinkPad T60p Series,ThinkPad T60 Series
ThinkPad T61 6458,ThinkPad T61 6459,ThinkPad T61 6461,ThinkPad T61 6462
ThinkPad T61 6463,ThinkPad T61 6464,ThinkPad T61 6465,ThinkPad T61 6467
ThinkPad T61 6468,ThinkPad T61 6470,ThinkPad T61 6471,ThinkPad T61 8890
ThinkPad T61 8892,ThinkPad T61 8893,ThinkPad T61 8894,ThinkPad T61 8896
ThinkPad T61 8899,ThinkPad T61 8900,ThinkPad T61 8938,ThinkPad T61 8939
ThinkPad T61p 6457,ThinkPad T61p 6458,ThinkPad T61p 6461,ThinkPad T61p 6462
ThinkPad T61p 6463,ThinkPad T61p 6464,ThinkPad T61p 6465,ThinkPad T61p 6466
ThinkPad T61p 6467,ThinkPad T61p 6468,ThinkPad T61p 6470,ThinkPad T61p 6471
ThinkPad T61p 8890,ThinkPad T61p 8892,ThinkPad T61p 8893,ThinkPad T61p 8894
ThinkPad T61p 8895,ThinkPad T61p 8896,ThinkPad T61p 8897,ThinkPad T61p 8898
ThinkPad T61p 8899,ThinkPad T61p 8900,ThinkPad T61p 8938,ThinkPad T61p 8939
Thinkpad R500,ThinkPad R61 8914    ThinkPad R61 8918,ThinkPad R61 8932
ThinkPad R61 8942,ThinkPad R61 8943,ThinkPad R61e 7649,ThinkPad R61e 7650
ThinkPad R61e Series (15.4" widescreen),ThinkPad R61i 7650,ThinkPad R61i 8918,ThinkPad R61i 8932
ThinkPad R61i 8943,ThinkPad R61i Series (14.1" & 15.0" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen),ThinkPad R61 Series (14.1" & 15.0" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen),ThinkPad T500
ThinkPad T61 6457,ThinkPad T61 6460,ThinkPad T61 6466,ThinkPad T61 8889
ThinkPad T61 8891,ThinkPad T61 8895,ThinkPad T61 8897,ThinkPad T61 8889
ThinkPad T61p 6459,ThinkPad T61p 6460,ThinkPad T61p 8889,ThinkPad T61p 8891
ThinkPad T61p Series (14.1" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen),ThinkPad T61 Series (14.1" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen),Thinkpad W500

Note: ThinkPad 14" Widescreen models are not compatible with this battery


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