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317 Dog Training Shock Collar Remote Control

  • Product Number: 35-01104-100
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  • Package Dimensions (LWH): 240.0 x 185.0 x 50.0(mm)
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Features of 317 Dog Training Shock Collar Remote Control

Solution to Dogs out of Control
Do you have trouble with the control of your dog? This is the most effective training system exactly for you. This multi-functional training collar is a combination of:
Vibration + 6-Level Shock
New Generation STRONG and POWERFUL!!
Our Pet Training Collar is not suitable for dogs under 4 KG.
This training system is specifically designed for hard to train, stubborn dogs. You know some dogs are not sensitive to other kinds of training signals. If you want to get your dog's attention, this is the solution. It's fit for small/medium/large size dog as long as your dog's neck suits the adjustable collar length.
Included with your purchase is our guaranty that you will be happy, or your money back. The product comes with a 30-day warranty which is backed by excellent customer service so you can be sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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 Main Features:
1. Remote working distance: 250 m under ideal condition.
2. The six levels of different static impulse and the vibration can adapt to the needs of different situations. It is safe for the pet.
3. The conductive rubber electrode is soft and the static impulse can penetrate the hair of the pet. It is comfortable for the pet to wear.
4. The strongest static impulse can quickly and effectively curb the improper deeds of the pet.
5. The vibration call can help the master communicate with the pet gently. It will let your pet associate the vibration with static impulse. At the end, vibration will achieve the same effect as the static impulse.
6. Power-saving mode of receiver prolongs the life of the battery.
7. The soft remote controller antenna is anti-broken.
8. Adjustable collar length (from 8"to 20") fits different size of dogs.
Tips: Though the product can stop the dog’s bad behaviors at once, you need to spend some time on training the dog by using this product correctly if you want your dog understand your orders completely. It will cost about four to five days for the dog to get used to the product and understand your orders.
Operational instructions:
1. Open the insert buckle of the collar and put the collar round the neck of the pet. Adjust the tightness of collar that you can insert a finger in between.
2. If you don’t use the product for a long time, take out the batteries in the remote controller to prolong the life of the batteries.
How to change or charge the batteries:
1. Remote controller: The battery cover is at the lower part of the back of the remote controller. Open the cover by pressing it following the direction of the arrow. Take out the battery and put a new one back and then close the cover.
2. The lifetime of the batteries vary according to how you use the product. Since the remote controller only consumes electricity when you press the buttons to send signals, its batteries’ lifetime is usually more than one year. After the receiver is turned on, it is in a standby state. In the standby state, it only consumes small amount of electricity. A frequent use of it will consume electricity quickly. Therefore you should often check whether the batteries have enough electricity by watching the indicator light. When the electricity of the batteries is not enough, please use the appropriative charger to charge the batteries..
1. The product isn’t a toy, don’t let the children use it, and don’t use it casually.
2. Before using the product, make sure that your dog is healthy.
3. Don’t immerse it into the water. You’d better not use it in the rainy day.
4. Please clean the product with the dry cloth.
5. Don’t let your dog catch or bite the product.
6. When the electricity of the batteries in the receiver is not enough, please charge them in time.
7. Don’t take down the shell from the product, the damage caused by that isn’t covered by our warranty.
8. If the dog feels uncomfortable when wearing the collar, you should take off it for a while, and use it again when the dog calms down.
9. The temperature the product can be used in is from 2 to 45 centigrade. Beyond or below this temperature range will damage the product, and this kind of damage isn’t in the warranty scope.
10. The product can only be used on the healthy dogs. If the dog has physical or mental problems, please turn to the professional veterinarians first.
Common problems:
1. Please make sure the batteries have enough electricity. If the distance between the remote controller and the receiver is too short, less than one meter, the product may not work properly.
2. Dog is our intimate partner and loyal friend, so please treat your dog well.
Product Specifications
1. Collar
           Length: 60mm   Height: 30mm    Width: 35mm.
           Weight 70 g (with battery)
           Collar length: adjustable from 20 cm (8”) to 50 cm (20”)
           Power: One 6V 4LR44 camera battery (Two start-up battery is included).
2. Handset
           Length: 120mm   Height: 25mm   Width: 45mm.
           Weight: 100g (with battery)
           Power: 9V battery
Package Included
Multi-function training collar device X 1
Remote control unit X 1
Adjustable snap-on/off collar x 1
Collar testing unit (Clips to collar and lights up to tell you the shock action is operating)
Operating Instructions X 1
4LR44 camera battery X 2
9V battery X 1
Did your dog every get you into HUGE TROUBLE? Bark? Howls? Bite? Loss? Hurts? Wounds??? NOW SAY NO TO ALL THESE! This training collar allow you to find the best way getting rid of all these!!! Meanwhile, it’s SAFE!!! And NO-worry Guarantee!!!
Note: Our Product isn’t waterproof, but only can prevent a little amount of rain. Please don’t put it in the water. When your dogs swim in the water or river, you can’t use it.

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