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Remote Control Dog Training Transmitter and Collar(Adjustable Voltage)

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Features of Remote Control Dog Training Transmitter and Collar(Adjustable Voltage)

Specification of Remote Control Dog Training Transmitter and Collar(Adjustable Voltage)

8 Stimulation Levels and 3 Audible A, B, C Tones

Compact, Small, Lightweight, and Convenient

This is an effective dog training system, which provides all of the features for reliable, safe and humane training you want in a companion dog trainer. It features an easy-to-use transmitter, 8 levels of continuous stimulatin.3 audible tones, replaceable batteries and 200 meter range. The tone only buttons allow you to provide an audible warning tone prior to using an electronic correction. As your dog learns to recognize and obey the tone, you can quickly eliminate the need for electronic correction. The 8levels of stimulation allow you to find the lowest possible level for your dog.


Demo Video:



1. Fully functional remote dog training system

2. 3 Audible tones & 8 levels of continuous static stimulation (up to 3 sec)

3. Water resistant (transmitter & receiver)

4. Up to 200-meter control range

5. Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz

6. Low battery consumption

7. Adjustable collar length (from 8"to 20") fits different size of dogs.


Quick Start Guide:


1. Prepare the Remote Transmitter - Well set up the antenna and load in the batteries. Then Press the buttons on transmitter to check out the battery condition, if the LED lights show of quick flashing then battery needs to be replaced.

2. Prepare the collar receiver - Load in battery correctly, LED light will make a beep sound and keeps “on” for around 2 sec, after that, the collar receiver enters into standby mode.

3. Fasten the collar receiver on the dog – Contact points should be underneath dog’s neck and touching its skin; the collar receiver should be snugly fit yet loose enough for a one-finger-space. Check more times to see if your dog is comfortable with the belt.


Package Includes:


1 x Transmitter – Powered by 6F22 9V Battery
1 x 6F22 9V Battery
1 x Antenna
1 x Adjustable Collar/ Receiver - Powered by 6V Battery
1 x 6V battery
1 x User Manual




1. Remote control range

This remote control kit has a range of up to 200 meters. Depending on the way you hold the remote transmitter, the maximum range may vary. For consistent results at longer distance, please hold your remote transmitter in a vertical way (away for your body & above your head). Terrain, weather, vegetation, transmission from other radio devices may affect the maximum range in a slight deviation.

2. Find out what stimulation level fits your dog

With the collar receiver well equipped on your dog, you press button 1 (level 1) for 1-2 sec to see if your pet react in a different way, if no, go on to next level and repeat the same operation till you find the right one. Remember your dog should not react in a vocalized or panicked way. However, if you have enter level 8 yet still cannot locate the right level as per your dog’s behavior, please check if the receiver is snug against your dog’s neck or you may have to trim your dog’s hair beneath the contact point.

Did your dog every get you into HUGE TROUBLE? Bark? Howls? Bite? Loss? Hurts? Wounds??? 


This training collar allow you to find the best way getting rid of all these!!! Meanwhile, it’s SAFE!!! And NO-Worry Guarantee!!!

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